28/10/2015 - RISCwares and RISC OS 6.20 availability

Over the past couple of months we have been busy developing a new website shopping system. This new system is called RISCwares. Version 1.12 is currently ready and waiting to handle orders from riscos.com. We took the unusual step of developing our own system as we couldn't find any third party solutions that worked how we wanted and offered the features we needed without any unnecessary bloat or high fixed costs.

We will be extending the RISCwares feature set over the next few months as it's adapted and deployed across our other websites. This means that we will be making a great many more products available. This list includes items formally available from APDL in London and new and re-launched products from VirtualAcorn. The APDL range will include both hardware and software. The aim is to make all the software products available as instant downloads. Once completed RISCwares will offer hundreds of exclusive products.

The first new download product available from RISCwares is the RISC OS 6.20 upgrade. After extensive testing we decided that we needed to make a significant number of changes and improvements to the RISC OS 6.20 build and installer. These unexpected changes combined with staff illness have delayed the RISC OS 6.20 release for which we apologise.

The RISC OS 4 upgrades and the RISC OS 6 upgrade are now available for immediate download. Look out for other product announcements over the next few days.

Aaron - 3QD Developments Ltd