11/4/2013 - new FTP area enters testing

3QD Developments Ltd is continuing the re-design of the RISCOS.com website. So far almost 500 pages have been moved, re-designed or created from scratch.

The new RISC OS ftp space has now entered alpha test stage. The new design allows users to easily find components that match their version of RISC OS as well as allowing experienced users to download specific components easily and quickly.

For example all versions of the RISC OS printing system can be downloaded from one area. However If the user specifies the version of RISC OS that they are using then they will only be presented with version(s) of !Printers that are suitable for their OS.

We are still on target to launch the first beta of the new look RISCOS.com website at the end of May.

Aaron - 3QD Developments Ltd