24/06/2015 - RISC OS 4.39 Documentation and three new books now available FREE of charge

As part of our on going project to resolve problems with RISC OS documentation we have just made available the first part of our planned RISC OS 4.39 user guide. The RISC OS 4.39 Configuration Guide can be found in the user support section of www.riscos.com:


We are also pleased to announce that a number of extra titles have been added to the free user and developers support sections of riscos.com. Available from today in the developer support section is BBC BASIC V. Also new in the user support section are Budget DTP on RISC OS and Graphics on the ARM. We hope to be making further titles available shortly.

Finally, as part of the site re-design we will be referring to the different versions of RISC OS by number rather than using the 'Adjust' and 'Select' names. RISC OS users have told us that they find the use of the 'Adjust' and 'Select' names very confusing. We have to agree, especially as the 'Select' name can be applied to multiple versions of RISC OS from RISC OS 4.20 to RISC OS 6.20. If you do find a document, apart from those in the archives, which uses the 'Select' or 'Adjust' names can you please let us know so we can correct it.

Aaron - 3QD Developments Ltd