RISCOS Ltd starts its fifth year of trading.

RISCOS Ltd celebrated the completion of its fourth year of business on 31st January 2003 and is now in its fifth year of trading.

There have been many changes in the RISC OS market since Acorn announced that it pulling out of the production of desktop computers in September 1998.

Since the launch of RISC OS 4 in 1999 we have sold over 3900 end user upgrades and there have been approximately 1500 new computers sold with RISC OS 4 pre-installed.

2002 was a quiet year on many fronts, and the uncertainty over the development of new computers meant that sales were for the most part very sluggish. The launch of RISC OS 5 and the subsequent rejuvenation of software development from many publishers has however created a new enthusiasm for RISC OS. It is unfortunate that the continued delays to the RiscStation portable and the MicroDigital Omega are leaving people who do not want to upgrade to a 32 bit only computer with little choice, and we hope that both manufacturers will be able to make realistic announcements about the availability of their planned products very shortly.