RISCOS Ltd aim to get every RISC OS 3.x and 4.0x user to upgrade the computers to run RISC OS 4.39 "Adjust" ROM or to the Adjust 3i4 softload version.

RISCOS Ltd have today announced that they have a goal to get every existing Risc PC, A7000, RiscStation, Mico and Omega user to upgrade to either the RISC OS 4.39 "Adjust" ROM or to the Adjust 3i4 softload version.

Recent discussion from several software developers has centred on the fact that they haven't bothered to support the abundance of new features available in Select / Adjust because it is not universally available.

Managing Director - Paul Middleton stated that "Our philosophy has always been that new features have been introduced via Select for the benefit of all end-users and developers. I would suggest that application developers could easily assume that new features are available on a computer that may be running Select / Adjust, and gracefully inform the user of the lack of the required functionality rather than not using the features in the first place. That way everyone would be encouraged to get the latest version of the OS instead of still running RISC OS 3.X on their Risc PC, because they still rely on an 11 year old PD application. If everyone continues to work to the lowest common denominator then the market will totally stagnate."

Paul went on to say that "to help achieve this we are going to be making unmissable offers to users who have either not upgraded to RISC OS Adjust ROM or to the Select 3i4 softload version.

To avoid the confusion that occurred in the past with discounts on items such as the Foundation RISC User DVD we are not going to be publishing a scale of charges for the special offer Adjust ROMs or Select 3i4 softload but between now and December 31st users wanting to upgrade can email or phone the RISCOS Ltd sales office to get a personalised special offer. The price will depend on a number of factors such as the number of upgrades purchased, membership of the Foundation scheme, membership of the Select scheme, how many RISC OS computers you have, how long you have been a RISC OS user and most importantly how nicely you ask! So give us a call, you won't regret it."

Users have the choice of upgrading to either the Adjust ROM or the Select3i4 Softload dependent on whether they have a need to still use RISC OS 4.02. Though the aim of the initiative is to get everyone to use the 4.39 ROM so we hope that most people will opt for that option.

N.B There will be a very special one day offer at the forthcoming Guildford Show to reward those who support the show.

Orders may be placed by email, phone or letter with payment by Cheque or Credit Card.
If sending an order by post then make sure to include a daytime telephone number and details of your RISC OS history and machines used so that we can contact you to give you your personalised price.

For further details contact:-

Paul Middleton
Managing Director