RISCOS Ltd and Castle Technology Ltd announce new joint initiative.

The following Press Release is issued jointly on behalf of RISCOS Ltd, Castle Technology Ltd and the following AMSs: Advantage Six Ltd, MicroDigital Ltd and VirtualAcorn.

On Wednesday 14th July a meeting, chaired by Mike Glover (of Icon Technology) was held at which directors of RISCOS Ltd and Castle Technology Ltd, and representatives of the AMSs and RISCOS Ltd shareholders were present.

All parties are pleased to announce that a new initiative has been agreed. This will ensure that the RISC OS hardware and software developers can continue with the development and sales of their respective products.

Over the coming months, RISCOS Ltd will be working with Castle to provide relevant features of the Select scheme to IYONIX pc users through the Merlin project. Tematic (Castle‘s engineering division) will be concentrating on the core operating system technologies and with RISCOS Ltd they will be responsible for the future development of key features of the RISC OS desktop environment.

For further details contact:
Paul Middleton
Managing Director
Web: http://www.riscos.com/
Email: paul@riscos.com
Tel: 02920 464020

Jack Lillingston
Managing Director
Castle Technology Ltd
Web: http://www.iyonix.com/
Email: jack.lillingston@iyonix.com
Tel: 01728 723200