PRESS RELEASE 21/04/2009

RISC OS Select 5i2 Announced.

RISCOS Ltd. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Select 5i2.

This latest Select release is powered by RISC OS 6.16 and is available for download by all current subscribers, right now,  from the Select subscribers private area.

This latest version does not have any new features, rather we have concentrated on consolidating and optimizing the existing feature set based in part upon feedback from users. RISC OS 6.16 builds upon the numerous enhancements already made since the introduction of RISC OS 6 in 2007. Once again much work has been done to optimize code to produce even greater stability and significant speed improvements in several critical areas as well as increasing user responsiveness.

About the Select Scheme:

The RISC OS Select Scheme was established in 2001, to provide an ongoing development and testing platform for RISC OS users. It is a yearly subscription scheme, with access to developments available to subscribers via CD and Download. The improvements introduced via the Select scheme lead to the production of the RISC OS 4.39 ("Adjust") ROMs in 2004 for use with Risc PC's, A7000 and Omega computers. In late 2006, the Select scheme entered a new phase with the release of the first version of RISC OS Six.

About RISCOS Ltd.

RISCOS Ltd was established in 1999 to licence and develop RISC OS from Element 14 Ltd. It continues to develop RISC OS and has current licence Agreements in place with VirtualAcorn and Advantage Six for the use of RISC OS. In late 2008 RISCOS Ltd released the "Virtually Free" version of RISC OS 4.02 for use with Software Emulators, and the "RISC OS Upgrade CD" which allows the softloading of RISC OS 4.02 and 4.39 on top of RISC OS 3.6, 3.7 and 4.02 computers. These products are available for electronic download from the RISCOS Ltd sales website http://sales.riscos.com/

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