RISCOS Ltd have today announced the shipment of the first Select 4 Issue 2 CDs to subscribers of the RISC OS Select scheme.

Select 4 and its underlying RISC OS Six technology represents over 10 man years of development which has taken RISC OS 4 from its 26 bit version to its new fully 32 bit neutral source version.

Select 4 Issue 2 is available to Download by any subscriber to the RISC OS Select scheme whose susbcription was renewed after 1st January 2006, even if that subscription has now lapsed.

CDs will reach subscribers over the next week, but for those who can't wait, or who subscribed to the Web Only version, then there is the choice to download the new Select 4 ROM image, Boot sequence and supporting applications in a 15MB Zip Archive, or else as an 63MB ISO image, which features a number of extra goodies.

With the increased availability of Broadband connections, future Select releases will only be available for Download for the standard Annual subscription of £105 (£99 for Foundation members). A CD will only be available as an optional extra of £5 per CD requested.

New subscriptions to the Select scheme, remain at £155 (£150 for Foundation susbcribers). Previous susbcribers who have lapsed may rejoin for the previous price of £99 up until 30th June 2007.

Full details of the new features can be found on the RISC OS Select and RISC OS Six websites http://select.riscos.com/RISCOS6/key.html

Some of the new features now available in Select 4 include:-

This release of Select is suitable for the following machines:




StrongArm RiscPC

Turbo RiscPC

Kinetic RiscPC

MicroDigital Alpha

In addition this release is also suitable for use on the following VirtualAcorn products:





This release of Select is NOT suitable for the following machines. Attempts to install Select4i2 on these machines may cause them to fail to boot correctly.

MicroDigital Omega

MicroDigital Mico



A9 Home

Orders can be placed by phone, fax or email.

Telephone orders can be placed on 02920 464020
Fax orders can be sent to 02920 492326
email orders can be sent to mailto:paul@riscos.com
 Post Orders can be sent to RISCOS Ltd, 3 Clarendon Road, Cardiff, CF23 9JD.

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For further details contact

Paul Middleton
Managing Director

02920 464020