Miscellaneous items


SWI OS_DelinkApplication is used to delink and return all vector claimants within application space. Prior to Kernel 8.11, this operation would return vector claimants in an incorrect order. This has been corrected to return the claimants correctly.


SWI OS_SetEnv has been modified to remove the undocumented register modification which was provided for compatibility with Brazil systems. Registers R2 and R3 no longer return the amount of memory in the machine and the Brazil buffering information (respectively). These will be preserved.

The SWI itself remains deprecated.


The OS_PrettyPrint SWI has been extended with a special case to return the OS dictionary table.

On entry
   R0 = 0
   R1 = 0
   R2 = 0
On exit
   R1 = pointer to the OS PrettyPrint dictionary (see PRM 1-519).

This interface is present in OSSWIs version 0.10.

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