Hardware errors

Hardware errors are returned when a component of the system can no longer operate and must return a serious failure. The error numbers allocated all have their top 8 bits set to &80 and are reserved in groups of 256. Consult PRM 1-43 for a fuller description. The following groups are reserved :

&80000000 Machine exceptions
&80000100 Coprocessor exceptions
&80000200 Floating point exceptions
&80000300 Econet exceptions
&80000400 Reserved
&80000500 Reserved for interpreted exceptions

The error numbers used within the machine exceptions are as follows :

&80000000           Undefined instruction
&80000001 Abort on instruction fetch
&80000002 Abort on data transfer
&80000003 Address exception (no longer returned by the OS)
&80000004 Unknown IRQ (no longer returned by the OS)
&80000005 Branch through zero
&80000006 Privileged mode stack corruption (detected by PBTS)
&80000007 Privileged mode stack overflow (abort due to sp below threshold)
&80000008 Privileged mode stack corrupt (abort due to sp outside valid range)

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