The DisplayManager tool has been updated with Select 4 to use the new interfaces for mode string processing and to allow control of the display drivers.

Display devices

The iconbar menu includes a submenu for selecting the desktop display device. On selecting the entry from the menu, the current display device will be shut down and the selected device enabled. The mode which was used last for that device will be selected as the current desktop mode. If no mode had been used for that device, the configured mode will be selected.

Mode strings

The mode strings used by the display manager are now processed by the OS_ScreenMode routines (see the OSScreenMode document for more details). This ensures that future extensions to mode selection will be available through the DisplayManager interface. Note that teletext mode selectors will not be usable within the desktop.

256 colour modes

In earlier versions of the Display Manager, the selection of a 256 colour mode from the menus would actually select a 64 colour mode (64 colours, with 4 different brightness levels). This is no longer the case. The selection of a 256 colour mode from the menu will now select a true 256 colour mode.

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