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Icon ESGs

Since RISC OS 3.5, the icon Exclusive Selection Group (ESG) has been modified slightly. Rather than being applied as a group of 5 bits within the icon flags word, the ESG is now restricted to 4 bits.

Bit 20 of the icon flags is now used to indicate that the value within the icon's text field contains non-reversible data. That is, in territories where the default write direction is right to left, the text within the icon will not be reversed. This is primarily intended for numeric data.

Tinting validation

The (T)inting validation string is used to apply a simple tint to an icon. Select 1 only supported tint type 0 for the sprite. Under Select 2, the tint included the text and could be combined with faded and selected icons. Under Select 3, problems with tints 'bleeding' into other sprites have been corrected and the tint types have been extended to use the ColourMap module.

The general form of the tint validation is :


Where <type> is the decimal ColourMap type, as defined in the documentation for the ColourMap module. <parameters> consists of a comma separated list of hexadecimal values to pass to the ColourMap module for the ColourMap type.

Under Select 1 and 2, only type 0 was supported, and then in a modified form of the above :


Where BBGGRR describes the colour to blend 50% to. This form is still supported, but it is recommended that clients use the fully specified form of this tint :


Effective: Wimp 4.90

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