Window Manager Tool furniture ordering

*WimpToolOrder changes the way in which windows tools are rendered around windows. The settings are described by the positions that the tools are located, listing the tools from left (or top) to right (or bottom). The format that should be used to describe tool locations is a space separated list of components :


where <location> may be 'T', 'B', 'L' or 'R' for the 'Top', 'Bottom', 'Left' or 'Right' edges of the window. The tools which may be listed in a single string are :

b Back icon.
c Close icon
t Title text
i Iconise icon
s Toggle size icon
v Vertical scrollbar
h Horizontal scrollbar
r Resize icon

Certain combinations are nonsensical, and extreme care should be observed when selecting settings. Typical examples might be :

      T=bctis R=tvr B=hr

  • - Standard RISC OS style B=bctir R=hvr T=hs
  • - Upside down RISC OS style T=btisc R=tvr B=hr
  • - Typical of another well known OS T=bcti R=svr B=hr
  • - Strange titlebar below scrollbar B=t L=bcisvh B=hr
  • - Unuseful, but interesting tool layout

In particular, it should be noted that the toggle size icon and the resize icon may not function as desired if they move away from their more common locations.


Avoid generating loops in the order lists. For example, an order such as 'T=bcbt' would generate a loop. Behaviour when loops are created is undefined.

Certain tool orders may result in undesirable operation. For example, an order such as 'T=tc R=v' will cause the vertical scrollbar to be plotted over the close icon (or right edge of the title bar). Avoiding such tool orders is a matter of describing the tools correctly - the right hand edge should have been described as R=tv because the title will push the vertical bar down when it is present. Similarly, moving tools to less common locations may not work as expected, for example the resize icon will resize the bottom right corner which may not be ideal if it is placed in other locations.

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