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In Select 3, RamFS was updated to align its SWIs with those provided by ADFS, specifically, adding RamFS_MiscOp and RamFS_SectorDiscOp with the same offset that they have within ADFS. Unfortunately, under RISC OS 5, a new SWI - DiscOp64 - was added immediately after the DescribeDisc SWI. In order to remain compatible with this system, RamFS no longer follows the same SWI numbering scheme as ADFS. The following SWIs are provided by RamFS :

&40780 RamFS_DiscOp
&40781 RamFS_NOP
&40782 RamFS_Drives
&40783 RamFS_FreeSpace
&40784 RamFS_NOP
&40785 RamFS_DescribeDisc
&40786 RamFS_DiscOp64
&40787 RamFS_NOP
&40788 RamFS_NOP
&40789 RamFS_NOP
&4078A RamFS_NOP
&4078B RamFS_NOP
&4078C RamFS_MiscOp
&4078D RamFS_SectorDiscOp

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