The PS2Driver module provides support for PS 2 mice and keyboards as documented within PRM 5a-229. The driver has been extended to support the 'scroll wheel' and '5 button' mice commonly in use. This extension is documented within the PointerDevices document.

Additional keys

From RISC OS 4, a number of additional keys have been returned by the PS 2 Driver (and other keyboard drivers). The following keys are now provided through the internal interfaces :

                     low level key     internal (decimal)      HID
   Windows left           &68                125             &700E4
   Windows right          &69                126             &700E7
   Menu                   &6A                127             &70065
   No convert             &6B                109             &7008B
   Convert                &6C                110             &7008A
   Kana                   &6D                111             &70088
   Yen/Bar                &1D                 46             &70089
   \ _                    &6E                 95             &70087
   ASPI Power              -                  -              &10081
   ASPI Sleep              -                  -              &10082
   ASPI Wake               -                  -              &10083
   Scan next track         -                  -              &C00B5
   Scan previous track     -                  -              &C00B6
   Stop                    -                  -              &C00B7
   Play/pause              -                  -              &C00CD
   Mute                    -                  -              &C00E2
   Vol+                    -                  -              &C00E9
   Vol-                    -                  -              &C00EA
   Media select            -                  -              &C0183
   Mail                    -                  -              &C018A
   Calculator              -                  -              &C0192
   My computer             -                  -              &C0194
   Browser search          -                  -              &C0221
   Browser home            -                  -              &C0223
   Browser back            -                  -              &C0224
   Browser forward         -                  -              &C0225
   Browser stop            -                  -              &C0226
   Browser refresh         -                  -              &C0227
   Browser favourites      -                  -              &C0228

The Yen/Bar key is to the left of backspace (ie where the £ sign was on Archimedes keyboards). It hence resurrects the old &1D low level code.

The \ _ key is to the left of the right shift key (analogous to the \ | key on UK keyboards).

HID values can be used through the KeyInput interfaces. Multimedia keys have not been exposed to the regular keyboard interfaces, for example, the wimp key processing.

Within the desktop environment, the following key codes will be returned for the additional keys :

                                  Shift-     Ctrl-       Shift-Ctrl
                      Key code    key code   key code    key code
   Windows left         &1C0        &1D0       &1E0         &1F0
   Windows right        &1D0        &1C0       &1F0         &1E0
   Menu                 &1C1        &1D1       &1E1         &1F1
   No convert           &1C2        &1D2       &1E2         &1F2
   Convert              &1C3        &1D3       &1E3         &1F3
   Kana                 &1C4        &1D4       &1E4         &1F4
'Windows' and 'Menu' keys

In order to be consistent, the Windows and Menu keys should operate in the following manner :

    Key                  Domain             Effect
    Windows-alone        OS-specific        Display a system menu *
    Windows-Shift/Ctrl   OS-specific        Reserved
    Windows-0-9          Hardware           Reserved
    Windows-<nonshift>  User               User expansion
    Menu-alone           OS-specific        Display a context menu *
    Menu-Shift/Ctrl      Application        Application expansion
    Menu-<nonshift>      Reserved           Reserved

* Not presently implemented

Left and right Windows keys should be treated identically, but may be distinguished by user-expansion software where necessary. This behaviour is consistent with the recommended behaviour on other systems and should ensure that the users expectations are met when transferring between environments.

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