NetI changes

Zero-Configuration networking issues

The NetI module has been updated to address a few issues which arose after changes were made in Select 3 to introduce Link-Local address configuration. The NetI module will now ignore any link-local addresses as candidates for the automatic network map construction. Link-local addresses have a 16 bits which describe the network and may co-exist with other non-link-local addresses. They are not suitable for use as a NetI network address.

Machine types

The machine types returned by the machine peek operation have been updated to reflect the modern systems. A reservation has been made for the Iyonix (although the Iyonix presently claims to be a RiscPC system). The A9 has also been added to the list (and is reported correctly).

The full list of machine types is (original list in PRM 2-635) :

        &0000   Reserved
        &0001   BBC                             (OS 1 or 2)
        &0002   Atom
        &0003   System 3 or 4
        &0004   System 5
        &0005   Master 128                      (OS 3)
        &0006   Electron                        (OS 0)
        &0007   Archimedes                      (OS 6)
        &0008   Reserved
        &0009   Acorn Communicator
        &000A   Master 128 Econet Terminal      (OS 4)
        &000B   Acorn Filestore
        &000C   Master 128 Compact              (OS 5)
        &000D   Acorn Ecolink card for Personal Computers
        &000E   Acorn Unix workstation          (RISCiX)
        &000F   Acorn RiscPC
        &0010   CTL Iyonix
        &0011   A9

        &1040   JGH Spectrum
        &1041   JGH Amstrad CPC

        &FFF8   SJ GP Server
        &FFF9   SJ 80386 unix
        &FFFA   SCSI interface
        &FFFB   SJ Research IBM PC Econet interface
        &FFFC   Nascom 2
        &FFFD   Research Machines 480Z
        &FFFE   SJ Research File Server
        &FFFF   Z80 CP/M

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