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Acorn Internet User Guide


4 Configuring !Mail

Installing !Mail

!Mail is the application by which you access email and news. Copy it to suitable directory.

Setting the Post_In and Post_Out directories

Load !Mail (double-click on its icon in the Network directory).

Enter your Usename and Password in the Mail logon dialogue box).

Choose Configure... from the !Mail icon bar menu:

  • Drag the !Post_In application icon (from the Network directory) to the top box
  • Drag the !Post_Out application icon (also from the Network directory) to the next box
  • Choose system text to save memory and for display on low-res screens
  • Choose to display mail headers if you wish. They provide more information, but take up some room on the screen.
  • Click on Set to confirm your entry or Cancel to leave the dialogue box unaltered

Changing your password

(You will not be able to use this option if Lock password has been set in the mail server.)

It is a good idea to change your password from time to time for security reasons.

To do this, choose Password... from the !Mail icon bar menu:

Type in your old password, then your new one twice, just in case you make an error.

That is all the setting-up !Mail requires.

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