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9 Using news

A newsgroup is a silent forum where all sorts of things are discussed - opinions aired, advice sought, souls bared and, at times, spleens vented. It is like a global bulletin board where `subscribers' to a newsgroup `post' articles which can then be seen by subscribers all around the world.

Reading news

(!Mail must first be loaded and !Connect running.)

Displaying your list of newsgroups

When you want to read news, choose the News... option from the Mail icon bar menu, or click Adjust on the Mail icon. A list of the newsgroups currently allowed (see Managing newsgroups) is displayed:

Articles unread on left

Articles read on right

Displaying the list of threads

A thread is a line of discussion running in a newsgroup - someone posts an opinion, perhaps, then a number of subscribers comment on it. The original poster then responds, and so on. Threads can be as short as one article, or may go on for days or even weeks.

Double-click on the newsgroup you want to look at, and a list of current threads in that group is displayed:

Hiding read articles

If you have read many of the threads, you may wish to save time and screen space by displaying only those you have not read - press Menu over the threads window and choose Unread only:

Displaying the list of articles

Double-click on a thread to display the articles window, which contains the current list of read and unread articles in that thread:

Displaying an article

Double-clicking on a particular article will display it in a window similar to the mail window:

Click on Next to read the next article in the thread (if there is one)

Click on Previous to read the previous article (if there is one)

Forwarding an article by email

Click on the button in the article window.

Two windows will be displayed:

Edit the text of the article if you want to, then save it into the Send mail window.

Enter the name and address of the person you are forwarding the article to, and click on Send.

Following up an article

If you want to join in a thread (your contribution will be posted for all subscribers to read), click on and an Edit window will open. The article to which you are responding will be included, indented and marked with a >, ready for you to edit it if you wish and to add your own posting.

Save your posting back into its original window. The Post article window will display your posting, and give you the chance to change the newsgroup name and subject line if you wish, before you press Post to despatch your new article:

Replying to an article (by email)

Sometimes you may wish to reply to the poster of an article by email, rather than by posting to the whole group.

To do this, press . As with Follow up, the original posting is displayed in an Edit window, for you to edit and add your own contribution.

Save this Edit file into the Send mail window displayed. Alter the addressee, CC and subject lines if you wish, the press Send to send the email.

Saving an article

When you have read an article, if you want to save a copy, press and a Save dialogue box will be displayed, allowing you to save the article to a directory, printer or another application.

Starting a new thread

If you wish to respond to an article you have read, use the procedure described in Following up an article.

Otherwise, to start a new thread

  1. write your article in Edit
  2. save it into the threads window - the Post article window will be displayed
  3. fill in the subject field
  4. click on Post to send the posting off.

Your article will be posted to the newsgroup.

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