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22 - CDPlayer

This application lets you play ordinary audio CDs using a CD-ROM drive on your computer. It allows you to control playback using the same basic controls as you would find on a CD player. It also has a comprehensive programming facility. It's only useful if your computer has a CD-ROM drive fitted (and configured). It is not supplied on all machines.

Starting CDPlayer

CDPlayer is in the Utilities directory on your hard disc or network. To start the application double-click on the !CDPlayer icon.
Its icon will then appear on the icon bar.

Click on the icon on the icon bar to open the CDPlayer window

Playing an audio compact disc

To play an audio CD:
  1. Put the CD you want to play in the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Click on the Play button in the CDPlayer window.
  3. Adjust the volume, if necessary. To do this press Menu over the CDFS icon bar icon and choose Volume... to display the CD volume control window.

CDPlayer window

The basic set of controls work in the same way as those of a conventional audio CD player.

Keypad window

Clicking on the triangle icon or choosing Keypad from the CDPlayer menu will open the Keypad window. You can use this window to select which tracks to play, and the order to play them in

To program the player to play a selection of tracks

Click on the first track number you want to hear, and then on MEM. The Memory window automatically appears, showing the tracks in the program memory.

Repeat this for any other tracks you wish to add to the program memory.

Play the tracks by clicking on Play.

Other program play functions

Notes on playing programs

When CDPlayer is set to play a program, the following restrictions apply:

When playing a mixed mode CD (mixed audio and data tracks), using the ALL button guarantees that all the audio tracks will be played, otherwise the drive will normally stop when it encounters a data track, even if there are subsequent audio tracks.

Setup window

Each CDPlayer can be used to control a single CD-ROM drive at one time, which is selected using the Setup window. CDPlayer is supplied already set up to use an IDE CD-ROM drive. You'll only need to change the Setup if you wish to use a drive of a different type (e.g. SCSI).
To open the Setup window, choose Setup from CDPlayer's icon bar menu.

Click on the + and - icons until the correct device, unit and card numbers are shown for the CD-ROM drive you wish to use. If you're not sure what the numbers should be for a particular drive, you can find them out by typing at the command line.

  *CDDevices (and press Return) (see the file Tutorials.StarComms).

It is not advisable to keep switching CDPlayer from one drive to another using the Setup window. This operation should only be performed when CDPlayer is first started. If you need to control more than one drive, you should start the CDPlayer application as many times as you require and change each copy's setup individually before use.

Quitting CDPlayer

To quit the CDPlayer application, choose Quit from its icon bar menu.

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