Configuration System: Sound



The Sound section allows you to configure the computer's sound system. Click the Sound icon to open this window.

The first section deals with frequency. Click the Frequency icon to open this window.

Here you have control over the RateTracker module. This attempts to use the highest frequency available for any sound sources making use of the 'SharedSound' interface while also maintaining compatibility with the legacy sound system. If this option is enabled your sound quality should be improved.

The next section relates to the Internal sound configuration, the window looks like this:

The top item is a slider which sets the default volume. Most people will want this set to maximum as the internal speaker on most RISC OS machines is not very efficient and most external speakers will have their own volume control.

16 bit sound should be On unless you have a very early Risc PC which has not yet had a 16 bit sound upgrade.

Oversampling should be On.

System beep is the sound that the computer makes when it wants to attract the attention of the user, for example when an error message appear on screen. By default this is the sound known as Wavesynth-Beep, but you can alter this if you wish or even add a special sound effect module.

There are two sound levels available for this; usually Quiet is loud enough but you may wish to set it to Loud.

Click Try to experiment with the current settings on the selected sound, Default to restore the system defaults, Cancel to escape without confirming changes or Set to confirm your changes and continue using the computer.

Sound on the A9 computer

On the A9 computer the 16-Bit and Oversampled options will be disabled because the A9 supports full 16 bit sound by default.


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