Application Suite: Draw


Loading and saving Draw files

Draw can load five types of file:

  • Files in Draw's own file format.
  • Sprite files, containing one or more sprite objects (from Paint, for example)
  • JPEG files
  • Text files, used to create text area objects (from Edit, for example).
  • DXF (Data eXchnage Format) files.

All the file types can be loaded by dragging the file to the Draw icon on the icon bar, or by dragging it into a Draw window. Draw files can also be loaded by double-clicking on them in a directory display.

Text area objects and DXF files are discussed in the later section entitled Text area objects.

Loading sprites

Loading a sprite file into Draw will in fact load only the first sprite, which may not be what is required if the file contains multiple sprites. A more convenient method of loading a single sprite from a file containing multiple sprites is:

  1. Load the sprite file into Paint (following the instructions in the chapter on Paint).
  2. Open a sprite window for the sprite you wish to transfer.
  3. Click MENU and move to the Edit submenu. If Palette is not switched on (ie there is no tick beside it), click on Palette to give the sprite its own palette.
  4. Choose Save, then Sprite.
  5. Drag the icon in the Save as box into a Draw window.

This method also ensures that Draw displays the sprite in the correct colours.

When a file is loaded by dragging it into a window, it is added to the diagram which is already in the window. The file is loaded so that its bottom lefthand corner lies at the mouse position at the instant the mouse button is released. When a file is loaded by dragging it to the icon bar, a new diagram is created in a new window, with the file aligned on the bottom lefthand corner of the diagram.

Saving files from Draw

To save files from Draw, use the Save option in the File submenu of the Draw menu. This leads to a submenu with the following entries:

File saves the entire diagram in Draw file format.

Selection saves the currently selected objects as a Draw file.

SVG saves the file as a SVG (Scalable Vector Format) file.

Sprites saves all selected sprites as a sprite file.

Text area saves the text used to define a text area, as a text file. There must be a single text area selected. For more information about text areas, see the section entitled Text area objects later.

JPEG saves a selected JPEG object as a JPEG file.


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