Application Suite: Draw


Keystroke equivalents

Many Draw operations can be carried out from the keyboard instead of the menus and mouse; when you are familiar with the application, you may find this more convenient.

Keystroke equivalents in Enter mode

F3Save file (calls up the normal Save as dialogue box)
Shift-F3Save selection
Ctrl-F3Save sprites
Shift-Ctrl-F3   Save text area
F2Load named file (calls up a dialogue box into which you can type the name of the file you want to load)
Shift-F2Insert named file (calls up a dialogue box into which you can type the name of the file you want to insert into the Draw file you are working on)
Ctrl-F2Close window
PrintPrint file
FlToggles between show and hide grid
Shift-FlToggles Lock to grid on and off
Ctrl-FlSwitch Toolbox on and off
Ctrl-QZoom out
Ctrl-WZoom in
Ctrl-DZoom to 1:1
Ctrl-RPrevious zoom
Ctrl-LZoom lock 2
F6Enter Select mode
Arrow keysMove pointer one pixel

Keystroke equivalents in Select mode

F7, End or Ctrl-CCopy selection to the clipboard
Ctrl-VPaste clipboard contents
Shift-F8 or Ctrl-XDelete selection, placing a copy on the clipboard
DeleteDelete selection without placing a copy on the clipboard
Shift-F6 or Ctrl-ZClear selection
F5 or Ctrl-ASelect all
Ctrl-F4 or Ctrl-FBring selection to front
Ctrl-Shift-F4 or Ctrl-BSend selection to back
F4 or Ctrl-GGroup selected objects
Shift-F4 or Ctrl-UUngroup objects
Shift-F5 or Ctrl-SSnap to grid
Ctrl-F6 or Ctrl-EEnter Path Edit mode
Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl-JJustify
Ctrl-DCopy (Duplicate) selected objects

Keystroke equivalents for tool selection

Ctrl-F7 or TabEnter text
Ctrl-F9Enter closed line
Ctrl-F8Enter closed curve
ReturnComplete path

Keystroke equivalents in Path edit mode

Ctrl-F8Change to curve
Ctrl-F9Change to line
F7, End or Ctrl-CAdd point
Shift-F8, Delete or Ctrl-XDelete segment
F5Enter coordinate
ReturnFinish path edit
Shift-F5 or Ctrl-SSnap to grid


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