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Other features of Edit

This section describes some features of Edit that you won't need to use very often.

To extend an Edit window so that it is wider than the current screen mode you should enter the line length (in terms of System font characters) in the Display->Work area->Width box. System font size is used even you're using a different font. This is useful for viewing wide text files in smaller modes, such as 640 x 480. The maximum size is 192 System font characters. This feature is not available when Window wrap is on.

To send the caret to a specific line of text choose Edit->Goto. Note that 'Line' means the string of characters between two presses of Return. If you have not formatted your text, a line in this sense may run over more than one display line.

To see information about Edit display the Misc->Info box. You can also choose Info from Edit's icon bar menu.

To see information about the current file display the Misc->File information box. This tells you the file type, whether it's been modified, the size in characters and creation (or modification) date.

To change a file's type enter the new type in the Misc->Set type box. See also Creating other file types in a later chapter.

To open another window on the same file choose Misc->New view. Changes you make in one window will be reflected in any others.


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