Application Suite: Edit


Keystroke equivalents

On occasions, it can be quicker when you are working in Edit to use the keyboard instead of the mouse, especially once you are familiar with the program.

When editing

Actions and keys to press:

  • Move caret one character left, right, up or down: cursor keys
  • Move caret one word left or right: Shift left/right cursor keys
  • Move caret one page up or down: Shift up/down cursor keys
  • Move caret to start of file: Ctrl up cursor key
  • Move caret to end of file: Ctrl down cursor key
  • Move caret to start or end of line: Ctrl left/right cursor keys
  • Scroll file without moving caret: Ctrl Shift up/down cursor keys
  • Scroll all documents up by one line: Ctrl Shift right cursor key
  • Scroll all documents down by one line: Ctrl Shift left cursor key
  • Delete character to left of caret: Delete or Backspace
  • Delete character to right of caret: End
  • Delete word at current caret position: Shift-End
  • Delete line at caret: Ctrl-End
  • Place caret at top of document: Home
  • Insert space to right of caret: Insert
  • Scroll up or down one window: Page Up/Page Down
  • Move caret up or down one line without scrolling: Shift-Page Up/Page Down
  • Move caret and scroll up or down one line: Ctrl-Page Up/Page Down
  • Toggle column tabs on or off: Shift-F3
  • Toggle overwrite mode on or off: Shift-F1
  • Toggle word wrap on or off: Ctrl-F5
  • Make where the caret is the current selection and move the caret to where the selection was (i.e. toggle caret and selection): Ctrl-F7

In the Select menu

Actions and keys to press:

  • Clear selection: Ctrl-Z
  • Cut selection to clipboard: Ctrl-X
  • Copy selection to clipboard: Ctrl-C
  • Paste from clipboard to caret: Ctrl-V
  • Indent selected block: Ctrl-F4

In the Edit menu

Actions and keys to press:

  • Display Find dialogue box: F4
  • Display 'Goto' dialogue box: F5
  • If no block is selected, select the single character after the caret. If a block is selected, and the caret is outside it, extend the selection up to the caret. If a block is selected and the caret is inside it, cut the block from the caret position to the nearest end of the block: F6
  • Clear the current selection: Shift-F6
  • Copy the selected block to the current caret position: Shift-F7
  • Undo last action: F8
  • Redo last action: F9
  • Format text block: Ctrl-F6
  • Toggle between CR and LF versions of the file: Ctrl-F8
  • Expand tabs: Ctrl-Shift-F1
  • Close the Edit window: Ctrl-F2

In the Find menu

Note: these keystroke definitions only come into play once the Find dialogue box has been displayed (e.g. by typing F4).

Actions and keys to press:

  • Move caret between the find and replace text in the Find box: up/down cursor keys
  • This starts the search and displays the Text found dialogue box if the text string is found: F1
  • Use previous find and replace strings: F2
  • Count occurrences of find string: F3
  • Toggle case sensitive switch: F4
  • Toggle magic characters switch: F5
  • Toggle wildcard expressions switch: F6

File options

Actions and keys to press:

  • Open a dialogue box enabling you to load an existing Edit file into a new window: F2
  • Open a dialogue box enabling you to insert an existing Edit file at the caret position: Shift-F2
  • Save the file in the current window (this is a shortcut to the normal Save as dialogue box): F3
  • Insert the name of a file into an existing Edit window at the caret position: Shift-drag the file's icon onto the Edit window
  • Load any text or non-text file into Edit: Shift-double-click


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