User Guide: Introduction


Introduction to RISC OS Six

RISC OS has evolved over the years to gain a reputation as one of the most user friendly operating systems available. However for those new to an operating system even the most simple things appearing on the screen could be confusing. This is where the User Guide section of the RISC OS Six documentation comes in. This guide will show you how to use RISC OS and the RISC OS desktop.

The User Guide will not cover the built in applications suite as these applications are covered in their own section of the documentation. Neither will it show you how to configure RISC OS, as this is also covered in a separate section. What this guide will explain is the principles on which RISC OS is based and also how to use RISC OS. Even if you have used RISC OS before there will be new features that you haven't seen before so we recommend that even experienced users read the documentation.


With this guide we are making the assumption that RISC OS Six is installed and working on your computer. You might have a computer with RISC OS Six pre-installed or you might have upgraded to RISC OS Six through the 3QD Developments Ltd Select Scheme. So this guide will not show you how to install RISC OS Six, you should follow the installation instructions provided. If you are not running RISC OS Six already then you will need to install it before reading this guide as some sections will not apply to earlier versions of RISC OS.

Getting help

The !Help application provides on-screen information as you use your computer. You can use this to get help on the desktop and most applications. For more information refer to the Help section in the appendix of this guide.


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