January 1995 - Risc PC600 CD system

The Risc PC600 CD system is a complete computer system with an integrated CD-ROM drive fitted which gives you access to a world of information, photographic images, video and music.

This system gives access to:

  • The vast range and quantity of information available on standard CD-ROMs, in DOS format as well as native RISC OS format
  • Photographic images stored on CD-ROM using the PhotoCD system
  • Video CDs, White Book
  • Audio CDs.

Because the CD-ROM drive is fitted internally, it does not take up any of the expansion slots within the Risc PC, so that you still have the full expansion capability of the Risc PC system.

The Risc PC600 CD system offers you a choice of monitors, memory and hard disc configurations so that you can select the system which best suits all your computing needs.

System configurations
Product code        RAM        VRAM        HD
ACB28               4 MB       1 MB      210 MB
ACB48               8 MB       1 MB      420 HD

With each system, there is a choice of 14" or 17" colour monitor. It is not possible to use the CD-ROM drive system in tower mode.

CD-ROM drive specification

The Risc PC 600 CD system comes with the Acorn 300i CD-ROM drive fitted. This is a double speed CD-ROM drive fitted inside the Risc PC case in the 5.25" slot, to the left of the 3.5" floppy drive.

Typical seek access time:                    320 ms

Data transfer rate (double/single speed):    300/150 KB per second

Kodak Photo CD support:                      Multi-session

Buffer size:                                 64 KB

MTBF:                                        25,000 POH

CD loading:                                  Motorised tray - no caddy
                                             Auto loading
                                             3-way eject

CD Audio:                                    Headphone socket with volume 
                                             Internal stereo line-out to 
                                             sound card

Interface:                                   Cumana IDECD 

Fitting:                                     Standard Risc PC 5.25" bay

Utilities included:                          Acorn Photoview
                                             Acorn CD Player

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