Risc PC 486 Card: Product Announcement
Risc PC 486 Card - January 1995

The Acorn Risc PC 486 Card:

  • Runs Windows and DOS software
  • Brings PC software into a RISC computing environment
  • Allows Risc PC software, DOS software and Windows software to be run together

Acorn has designed the architecture of the Risc PC specifically to support second processor upgrades. The Risc PC uses a technology called bus mastering which allows the second processor to use the memory and I/O of the Risc PC, thereby simultaneously keeping the cost of the upgrade down and delivering high performance/

The Acorn Risc PC 486 Card is easy to install, a process the user will achieve within minutes and without the need for any tools. This is made possible by the innovative design of the Risc PC casing, which facilitates user expansion. The design of the card has been a joint project involving Acorn, Aleph One and FTDI (Future Technology Devices International). Aleph One have a successful track record in designing PC cards for Acorn 32-bit RISC systems, and FTDI specialise in the design of custom ASICs for PC architectures. The DOS operating system and manufacturing capability will be provided by IBM.

Technical specification

Integrated PCB that fits into the vacant processor slot in Risc PC
Size: 90 mm x 110 mm x 23 mm
Weight: 105 grams

Second processor:
TI 486 SXL microprocessor running at 33 MHz
8 K of internal cache and in-built power saving features.
PGA (Pin Grid Array) format

Secondary cache: 128 K

Custom ASIC:
Provides the interface between the 486 and the Risc PC hardware

!PC486 application supplied on 3.5" floppy disc. Runs the PC Card. RISC OS compliant desktop application. Runs DOS and Windows in multi-tasking mode, together with RISC OS, or can be run in single tasking mode.

  • Incorporates BIOS system software, installation and hard disc partition utility.
  • Enhanced DOS FS allows DOS partitions up to 512 MB

  • RISC OS Windows drivers included for enhanced Windows performance.

  • DOS CD-ROM extensions also supplied

Operating System:
IBM PC DOS version 6.3 supplied containing: User Guide, Data Compression Guide, Five 3.5" floppy discs with DOS, including: disc compression, automatic backup, anti-virus protection, memory optimiser, program scheduler, integrated file editor Registration Card, Service Statement and Certificate of Use

Software compatibility:
Runs DOS, Windows and PC applications software.

Runs MPC compliant applications, provided that the 16-bit sound card and an appropriate CD-ROM drive are installed. Some PC applications that make unwarranted assumptions about PC hardware may not run.

System requirements:

  • Risc PC system
  • 8 MB of RAM is recommended to run Windows.
  • MPC applications require 16-bit sound card and CD-ROM drive

Acorn Risc PC 486 Card pack and PC DOS 6.3 pack shrink-wrapped together.
Overall dimensions: 120 mm x 240 mm x 130 mm Weight: 1450 grams

Technical support:
Included in 1 year hotline and warranty supplied with every Risc PC

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