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The various Select versions not only included updates to the RISC OS 'ROMS' but also included updates and bug fixes for the set of RISC OS applications that came bundled with every copy of RISC OS.

ChangeFSI 1.20 (8th Jul 2001)

ChangeFSI is a useful program for converting and displaying image files of various formats. These images can then be converted into sprites or JPEGs for viewing with RISC OS applications such as !Paint and !Draw.

ChangeFSI stands for 'Change Floyd Steinberg Integer' (ChangeFSI performs Floyd Steinberg error diffusion dithering). ChangeFSI can read image data, scale the data to improve an image, change the x and y size, sharpen an image and write the result using error diffusion dithering in one step (so it provides the best possible quality). All operations are carried out with 32-bit fixed-point numbers (three per pixel in the case of a colour picture).

Scaling to a fixed pixel size.  A common request is to be able to rescale a picture to an exact size. It is a common mis-conception that this cannot be done with ChangeFSI but in fact it can be done very simply as shown below.

In this instance the input picture will be scaled to 520 x 196 pixels.

More complete help on ChangeFSI is available from text files held within the application. If you want to read these files, shift double-click on !ChangeFSI to open the application directory, then open its Documents directory and double-click on one of the text files.

Changes in 1.20

  • The ChangeFSI display window no longer jumps back to the centre of screen whenever a new image is loaded.
  • A new option has been added to allow the output of ChangeFSI to be saved directly to the RISC OS clipboard.


Chars 1.07 (27th Feb 2001)

This version of Chars has been completely re-vamped and is now based on the X-Chars application developed by Martin Wuerthner. New features include an option to display the ASCII code of the character selected.

The font display can also be scaled to show font appearance at larger point sizes.


Bugz 1.09 (15th Sept 2001)

Bugz is an application to aid in reporting bugs to RISCOS Ltd. The idea is to make it easier for developers and testers to contact us with bug reports. Bugz makes this job easier as well as providing a bug-tracking framework.

Bugz supports two modes of operation :

  • Reporting bugs from supplied description files Description files will be supplied with beta applications to aid the debugging process. Dragging the description file to the Bugz iconbar icon will open a bug report window.
  • Reporting bugs with running modules or applications. From the iconbar menu, select the module you wish to report bugs in, or comment on. The bug report window will open.

    Note that the first time you run Bugz, you will have to enter your personal details. 

    A useful feature of !Bugz is its ability to produce a report of your machine configuration as shown below.

    If you wish to use Bugz with your product for testing, then you should contact RISCOS Ltd support to inform them that you wish to do so. If you are using Bugz with your own products do remember to include a correct [*Mail] field. Otherwise mails will not reach you.


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