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Registered Developer - David Pilling
David Pilling
Address: P.O. Box 22, Thornton Cleveleys, Blackpool. FY5 1LR
Contact: David Pilling
Tel: 01253 852806
Fax: 0870 0520 941
Email: david@pilling.demon.co.uk
Bubble Help - - -
A replacement for the RISC OS interactive help application !Help. Provides the help information in a cartoon style bubble close to the mouse pointer. OS
Calendar (2nd Application) - FREE -
Desktop calendar application.
FontFix 0.03 FREE -
Module which transfers font paints into low memory. Utility is for software which won't work with font paints from dynamic areas. This fixes printing problems on some printers, e.g. Calligraph laser printers. Printing
Freshen 1.05 FREE -
Utility to make and apply software upgrade patches. OS
Hearsay II 2.22 £35.00 ?-4.02
A data communications program providing Viewdata, ANSI, VT and Tektronix terminal emulators, with X,Y,Z modem and Kermit file transfer. Comms
Kermit 1.05 FREE 3.70-3.70
Command-line Kermit communications tool. Comms
Keyfix - FREE Sn ?-4.02
Provides locks for the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys and provides a mouse emulator. Intended for those with problems using the keyboard and mouse. OS
Old Shop Signs Clipart - - -
A collection of Draw files of traditional shop signs, e.g. barber's pole. Graphics
Panorama 1.14 - -
A database (licensed from Versamap) of 180,000 data points coordinates outlining the lakes, rivers, continents, state boundaries, etc. of the world and a program that can produce Draw files from them. Graphics
PhoneDay2 1.00 FREE -
Updates the phone numbers in ArcFax and Hearsay to comply with the dialling codes introduced on 1st June, 1999. Comms
RoundBox 1.01 FREE -
Creates Draw files containing rectangular boxes with round corners from your input of height, width and corner radius. Graphics
SCSITest 1.00 FREE -
Test whether your SCSI card supports block transfers correctly. Test filing systems memory to file load and save operations.
ShrinkWrap 0.04 FREE 3.50-?
Transparent read and write access to GZip, Squash and Compression CFS files. Requires RISC OS 3.50 or greater or dynamic area support on older machines. Compress
Old! Spell 3.13 £10.00 -
A Desktop spelling checker that provides all the features possible in a stand-alone spelling checker.
Spooler 2.33 FREE -
Automatic printer spooler (also allows fast printing of multiple copies). Printing
SPrinter 1.02 FREE -
Printer driver that renders to sprites; i.e. it creates colour sprites as output. Printing
StarChart 1.04 FREE 3.70-3.70
Galaxy to Draw file converter. Generates Draw file star charts.

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