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Registered Developer - Millipede Electronic Graphics
Millipede Electronic Graphics
Address: Cambridge House, Hargrave, Bury-St-Edmunds, Suffolk IP29 5HS
Contact: Richard Jozefowski
Tel: 01284 850594
Fax: 01284 850351
Email: Info
AlphaLock - - -
This enables the Risc PC image to be output at high quality to the PAL or NTSC video system, and accurately combined with other video signals.
Apex - - -
Apex is a double width expansion board (podule) for the 400 and 500 series computers.
Apex Imager - - -
High performance broadcast videographics, image processing and digitising, expansion card with real-time alpha channel.
Imago Concept Motherboard - - -
Risc PC replacement motherboard.
Prisma-3 Plus - - -
An external graphics system for the 300/400 and 500 series computers. It provides television resolution images with facilities for real-time animation.

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