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Registered Developer - R-Comp Interactive (RCI)
R-Comp Interactive (RCI)
Address:22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS
Tel:01925 755043
Fax:01925 757377
Abuse 1.04 £25.00 ?-4.02
Fast-action arcade adventure game with superb atmosphere (similar to the Alien movies!) and great graphics. Games
AddressIt - £99.00 ?-4.02
The postcode and address finder (previously developed by Fabis) DBMS
Anthem 2.10 £70.00 ?-4.02
Feature-packed MIDI recording and sequencing package. Music
Chaos Engine, The - £20.00 ?-4.02
Descent 1.05 £30.00 ?-4.02
A fully 3D polygonal spaceship action game. Fly around robot-infested mines in zero gravity, rescuing hostages and experiencing full 360 action. Games
DialUp 1.35 £20.00 3.10-4.02
A dialup networking system to simplify Internet connectivity. Uses the same configuration files (.INS) that ISPs supply for Windows. Works with WebsterXL, Browse, Fresco, etc. Automatic disconnect after a mail/news transfer. Internet
DMI MIDI Interface - £115.00 -
DMI MIDI interface.
Doom+ 2.03 £32.50 ?-4.02
Doom+ Trilogy - £32.50 -
Exciting 3D first-person arcade adventure: comes on 3 CDs and includes Doom, Doom II and Master Levels.
EasyClip 2 2.10b £25.00 ?-4.02
Clipart management system DBMS
Enhanced Web Designer's Toolkit - £30.00 ?-4.02
Visual editing of frames, tables, animation, image maps etc. Internet
Exodus - £25.00 -
Final Doom - £15.00 -
Two complete new 32-level Doom games (requires Doom+). Games
Final Doom+ - £25.00 -
Final Doom with RISC OS Doom+ driver (for owners of PC Doom). Games
Gods - - ?-4.03
Heretic 1.01 £32.50 ?-4.02
Heretic and Hexen - £30.00 -
Bundle pack containing RISC OS conversions of Heretic and Hexen games, with expansion pack for Hexen. Games
Heroes of Might and Magic II 0.02 £35.00 ?-4.02
Superb multi-award-winning fantasy strategy game with wonderful graphics and music (includes map editor and extra levels CD). Games
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty - £22.00 -
Adds four new campaigns and many new single scenarios to the game, together with more artifacts (items) and new map locations, heroes and building types (requires HoMM2). Games
Hexen 1.00 £32.50 ?-4.02
HTMLEdit 4+ 4.38 £53.00 ?-4.02
Web page editor with support for HTML 4, full page checking, linking, image handling and highly advanced site development tools. Does foreign character/top bit set translation. Internet
HTMLEdit Studio 4.32 £105.00 ?-4.02
Web authoring suite comprising HTMLEdit 4+, Web Designer's Toolkit 2, WebSpell and WebsterXL. Internet
JetDirect - £40.00 -
Allows RISC OS computers to print using network-enabled printers. This is a Hewlett Packard protocol which allows for direct printing (no disc spooling required) which is ideal for discless machines. Printing
LockSmith - - -
lpr - £40.00 -
Allows RISC OS computers to print using network-enabled printers. The print job is automatically spooled to disc and printed in the background. Printing
Messenger Pro 2.10 £30.00 ?-4.02
An email and news client for organising your email and news groups. Internet
Messenger Pro Online 2.10 £40.00 ?-4.02
An email and news client for organising your email and news groups. Online version for IMAP/NNTP network mail and news. Internet
MIDI Support - £19.00 -
MIDI drivers and mapping software for RISC OS MIDI hardware and software. Music
MIDIMax 2 - £92.00 -
Standard-width MIDI expansion card.
PC Sound Pro 2 2.01 £35.00 ?-4.02
Provides sound and MIDI improvements with the RiscPC PC x86 card, and required for MIDI input to the PC card. Music
Quake 1.20 £23.00 ?-4.03
The sequel to Doom, Quake offers an amazing 3D world and lots of excitement (includes Quake plus Q!Zone and Malice expansion packs). Games
SiteMaster 2 £30.00 ?-4.02
Web site management system. A tool for managing and manipulating large web sites, or sites which are being updated regularly. Internet
SiteSeer 1.07 £25.00 ?-4.02
Web site grabbing tool for offline browsing. Internet
SpeedBall 2 - - ?-4.03
Syndicate+ 1 £29.00 ?-4.02
RISC OS conversion of exciting futuristic action strategy game (includes Syndicate plus the American Revolt expansion pack). Games
TBA Classics - £22.00 -
Games collection on CD-ROM, containing most of TBA Software's hit games (including BHP,Formula 2000,Cobalt Seed,DragonBall) for RISC OS plus the TAG/Holograph games development system. Games
Textures Professional Edition - - -
WebSpell - £15.00 ?-4.02
Allows spell checking of your web sites and text files (includes Dutch and German dictionaries: French dictionary available from RComp's Web site). Internet
Webster XL 1.97 £25.00 ?-4.02
Web browser with full support for frames, tables, animation, forms, sound and JavaScript plus supports 40 and 128-bit SSL and plug-in support for Macromedia Flash animations. Internet

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