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Registered Developer - Quantum Software
Quantum Software
Address: 35 Pinewood Park, Deans, Livingston EH54 8NN
Contact: Stuart Halliday and Alisdair Jørgensen
Tel: 01506 411462
Email: stuart@quantumsoft.co.uk
ConvertLFS - - ?-4.02
To convert '!Longfiles' filenames over to RISC OS 4 type OS
Impressive - - -
Impression button bar DTP
Keystroke 4.02 £34.95 3.10-4.02
Allows you to set up, for any application, a single keystroke combination OS
Old! Undelete - £18.95 3.10-3.70
Undelete allows you to recover any file, application or directory you may have deleted on a floppy disc or hard disc. Works with any popular Acorn filing systems such as ADFS,SCSIFS,ATAFS,IDEFS OS

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