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Registered Developer - Levens Software
Levens Software
We are currently selling/developing a HTML convertor for OvationPro ('HTMLPro'). We are now looking at using PCA for providing filters similar to those found in PhotoShop. These filters would then be available to any PCA compliant application.
Address: Kable House, Amber Drive, Langley Mill, Nottingham N916 4BE
Contact: Benji Levens
Tel: 0500 121 242 / 08000 191243
Fax: 0500 131 288 / 08000 191242
Email: software@levens.co.uk
HTMLPro 1.42 £29.95 -
Ovation Pro extension which allows the creation of HTML pages from Ovation Pro documents. It copes with all style and text effects as well as all recognised graphics formats. It also contains an applet for Ovation Pro to place links into the text. DTP
SmallWeb - - -
TransHTML - - -

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