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Registered Developer - 4mation
Developers and publishers of educational software since 1993.
Address: 14 Castle Park Road, Barnstaple, Devon EX32 8PA ENGLAND
Contact: Rob McKay and Neil Souch
Tel: +44 (0)1271 325353 or +44 (0)1271 345566
Fax: +44 (0)1271 322974
Email: Sales
Betsi, the Tudor Dog - £46.41 KS2 -
An interactive adventure set in a busy city in England at the end of the Tudor period. History
Chatter (Defunct) - - -
A simple low-cost communications program which supports most of the common protocols. Comms
Clockwise - £32.31 -
Educational product.
CraftShop 1 (Defunct) - - -
Contains two applications: Patterns and Stitching. Designs may be rotated to give the appearance of spinning mobiles.
CraftShop 2 (Defunct) - - -
Contains two applications: Embroider and Tiling.
Ethnic Borders - £11.75 -
Resource files for use with Poster. Graphics
Find It, Fix It - £35.19 KS2 KS3 -
With this product, 4Mation and RoSPA bring safety into the classroom. Addresses the requirements of the NC for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control in Science and Design & Technology.
Hatchback - £41.13 -
Creates cross-hatch fills in Draw files Graphics
Jiglet (Defunct) - - Sn -
A version of Jigsaw designed for younger children and those with special needs. It comes complete with a set of 16 pictures.
Jigsaw (Defunct) - - -
Allows sprites of any size to be converted into jigsaws with real jigsaw-shaped pieces. Comes complete with a set of 15 pictures.
The Evacuees - £46.94 -
Educational product.
Wynne's Borders - £14.10 -
Resource files for use with Poster. Graphics

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