ARM Assembly Language Programming
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Appendix C

Cond: Condition field OpCode: Operation code
0000 EQ (EQual) 0000 AND
0001 NE (NEver) 0001 EOR
0010 CS (Carry Set) 0010 SUB
0011 CC (Carry Clear) 0011 RSB
0100 MI (MInus) 0100 ADD
0101 PL (PLus) 0101 ADC
0110 VS (oVerflow Set) 0110 SBC
0111 VC (oVerflow Clear) 0111 RSC
1000 HI (HIgher) 1000 TST
1001 LS (Lower or Same) 1001 TEQ
1010 GE (Greater or Equal) 1010 CMP
1011 LT (Less Than) 1011 CMN
1100 GT (Greater Than) 1100 ORR
1101 LE (Less than or Equal) 1101 MOV
1110 AL (ALways) 1110 BIC
1111 NV (NeVer) 1111 MVN

Instruction set

Data Processing

I: Immediate operand bit. This defines exactly what Operand 2 is. If the I bit is 0, Operand 2 is a register, with the register number held in bits 0 to 3 and the shift applied to that register in bits 4 to 11. If the I bit is 1, Operand 2 is an immediate value, with bits 0 to 7 holding the 8 bit value, and bits 8 to 11 holding the shift

applied to that value.

S: Set condition codes. If this bit is set to 0, the condition codes are not altered after the instruction has

executed. If it is set to 1, they are altered.

Rn: First operand register.

Arm Assembly Language programming

Rd: Destination register.

Branch and Branch with link

L: Link bit. 0=Branch, 1=Branch with link Multiply and multiply-accumulate

A: Accumulate bit. 0=multiply, 1=multiply with accumulate

Single Data transfer

P: Pre/Post indexing. 0=post (offset added after transfer). 1=pre (offset added before transfer).

U: Up/Down bit. 0=down (Offset subtracted from base). 1=Up (Offset added to base).

B: Byte/Word bit. 0=transfer word, 1=transfer byte.

W: Write-back. 0=No write back, 1=Write address into base. Block data transfer

S: PSR & Force user mode. 0=do not load PSR or force user mode. 1=load PSR or force user mode. Software Interrupt

Co-processor data operations CP Opc: Co-processor operation code. CRn: Co-processor operand register. CRd: Co-processor

destination register. CP#: Co-processor number. CP: Co-processor information Co-processor data transfers

N: Transfer Length.

Arm Assembly Language programming

Co-processor register transfers

L: Load/Store bit. 0=Store to co-processor, 1=Load from co-processor. Undefined instructions.

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