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Acorn Assembler


Changes to the assembler

This release of the assembler replaces the product Acorn Assembler Release 2. It has seen the following major changes:

  • The product has been merged with the C compiler.
  • ObjAsm has added support for the ARM6, ARM7 and ARM7M versions of the processor. All new instructions are implemented, and there is also support for other new features such as big- and little-endian memory systems.
  • ObjAsm now accepts instruction mnemonics in lower case; this feature can be disabled for backward compatibility.
  • ObjAsm now supports many more options through its Setup menu.
  • The AAsm tool is no longer supplied, but has been replaced - at least for this release - by a backward compatible mode.
  • The Toolbox has been added to the product, to facilitate the design and coding of consistent user interfaces for RISC OS desktop applications. See the accompanying User Interface Toolbox guide.

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