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Squeeze compresses an executable ARM-code program, saving disc space and often making the program load faster.

Relocatable modules can be squeezed but must be run rather than RMLoaded.

Squeeze converts a module to a program, which installs the module in the RMA when run. This program contains a binary image of the module within itself. Squeeze compresses this program.

The SetUp dialogue box

Clicking Select on the application icon or dragging the name of a file (if Auto Run is off) from a directory display to the icon brings up the SetUp dialogue box:


The Input writable icon allows you to specify the name of a file to be processed (typed in or dragged from a directory display). This file must be an AIF file.

Try harder will force Squeeze to compress the file even if the file is considered by Squeeze to be too small to warrant compression.

Verbose outputs messages and compression statistics.

The SetUp menu

Clicking Menu on the SetUp dialogue box displays the following menu on the screen:


For a description of the Squeeze Command line option see the chapter entitled Command line interface.

The Application menu

Clicking Menu on the Squeeze application icon gives the following options:


When Auto save is enabled, squeezing overwrites the input file with the squeezed version automatically without producing a save dialogue box for you to drag the file from. Auto save is off by default, whereas Auto Run is on by default.

For a description of each option in the application menu see the chapter entitled General features.

Example output

The output of Squeeze appears in one of the standard non-interactive tool output windows. For more details of these see the chapter entitled Output.

The following window shows an example of the output from Squeeze, together with a standard save dialogue box (which appears if Auto Save is not enabled):


Command line interface

For normal use you do not need to understand the syntax of the Squeeze command line, as it is automatically generated for you from the SetUp dialogue box settings. The command line syntax for Squeeze is:

Squeeze [options] unsqueezed-file [squeezed-file]

-f compress file regardless of size
-v output messages and compression statistics
unsqueezed-file a valid pathname specifying an input AIF file
squeezed-file a valid pathname specifying an output AIF file

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