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Acorn Omniclient User Guide


1 Introduction

Acorn OmniClient is a universal desktop filer for network-based filing systems running on Acorn RISC OS computers. It allows Acorn platform users to store and retrieve files in conjunction with `alternative' file servers, and makes the most of hardware and software located on local area networks (LANs) that use Acorn machines.

It embraces the following network filing systems:

OmniClient provides a simple, consistent view of network file services to RISC OS users, irrespective of the server type or protocol used.

Packing list

The Acorn OmniClient pack consists of the following components:

  1. !Omni
  2. !BootNet
  3. !InetSetup
  4. !Internet
  5. !OmniSetup
  6. !LMPasswd
  7. !System and !Sysmerge
  8. Example boot files.

If any of these is missing or damaged, please contact your supplier without delay.

User licences

Where user licences are required to use file server software it is still a requirement of the vendors of this software that you purchase the relevant user licences.

Examples of software configurations requiring this are:

Further Reading


The software modules that make up the protocol stack, allowing network communication to take place between machines, have been updated from DCI2 to DCI4 (DCI stands for Device Control Interface) The new version of DCI allows much greater flexibility in mixing and matching device drivers and different protocols. OmniClient requires DCI4 to operate, and a complete set of DCI4 software is supplied as part of this product (within !System).

Ethernet cards will be supplied with DCI4-compatible modules on them, but you may find that old cards may contain DCI2 versions, which you'll need to update. You may either get updated ROMs from your supplier, or use the software provided.

The use of !BootNet is described in detail in the AUN Manager's Guide that is part of the Level4 Fileserver product. Specific hints and tips that cover the various combination of card and software are included in the Release Note for this product.

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