Beginner's Guide to WIMP
Martyn Fox

A Beginner's Guide to Wimp Programming on RISC OS Computers (Second Edition)

A Beginner's Guide to Programming on RISC OS Computers (Second Edition)

The example programs

This book has two sets of example programs

  • There are the listings which are copies of the example BASIC shown on each page. Download listings.
  • There are also the complete multi-tasking applications which combine the listings from each chapter. Download applications.

You can also download listings as plain text which can be opened in any text editor by clicking the appropriate links in the text. For example this one from page_022.

For the purposes of formatting some longer lines in the BASIC programs have been split into several lines in this document. Where a line starts with a space rather than a line number it forms part of the line above. The original BASIC programs in the listings zip file have not had any of their lines split.


This document and associated software files are copyright © Martyn Fox 1992, 2004

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