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29 - Patience

This version of Patience is probably the best-known version of the familiar solo card game.

Starting Patience

Patience is in the Diversions directory on your hard disc or network. To start the application, double-click on the !Patience application and it will appear on the icon bar.

To start the game, click on the Patience icon on the icon bar and the Patience window appears on the screen

There are seven columns of cards, with the bottom card in each column turned up. The columns range in length from seven cards (on the left) to one (on the right). The rest of the pack is in a face-down 'pile' on the righthand side of the screen. A number below the pile tells you how many cards are face down. At the top righthand corner of the screen are four card outlines, each marked with the symbol for one of the suits.

The rules

The object of the game is to place all four suits on top of their symbols in ascending order, starting with the ace and finishing with the king. To do this, you must reveal all the hidden cards by going through the pack and building chains of cards. Here are the basic rules:

Playing Patience

To play the game, proceed as follows:

If you want to start a new game, choose Deal hand from the menu. If you do not wish to continue playing Patience, click on the Close box on the top lefthand corner of the window to finish.

Varying the rules

You can vary the rules in two ways to make the game easier or harder, using two options displayed when Menu is pressed. These options are both on by default.

Varying the Pack

You can vary the picture on the reverse of the cards by clicking on New Pack at any time during the game.

Saving your choices

To save any changes permanently (such as the pictures on the backs of the cards, or whether only Kings can be placed in empty columns) choose Save choices from the icon bar menu.

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