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RISC OS 3.7 User Guide

5 - Troubleshooting

Sometimes things go wrong and you need to be able to get out of a mess or restart your computer. Check in the Welcome Guide first for any hints and key combinations to press. Generally, you should always shut the computer down first (see the section Shutting the computer down) but sometimes you can't do this.

If things go wrong - reset options

Here are some problems you might encounter, and some possible solutions:

If you are not using a network, a file within !Boot disables the network software in ROM to make maximum memory available for your use. To allow this to make memory available after performing a Delete-Power-On, shut down and restart your computer.

If you have a CD-ROM drive fitted, the CD icon on the icon bar may disappear after a Delete-Power-On. To restore it, double-click on !Boot on your hard disc, open the Discs window and configure CD-ROM drives to 1.

Resetting CMOS RAM from the command line

Sometimes you need to be able to reconfigure your computer from the command line, rather than using !Boot. In such cases, (e.g. after a Power-on Delete operation) refer to Useful star commands. This gives a list of the most useful star commands, which you may need to use in an emergency. A full list of available star commands is given in the file StarComms in the Tutorials directory.

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