Application Suite: Alarm


Time and date display formats

This describes the parameters used to create a date and time format string in the Choices window.

Variable  Meaning   Example

  • %se seconds 59
  • %mi minutes 05
  • %12 hours in 12 hour format 07
  • %24 hours in 24 hour format 23
  • %am or %pm 'AM' or 'PM' pm
  • %we weekday, in full Thursday
  • %w3 weekday, in three characters Thu
  • %wn weekday, as a number 5
  • %dy day of the month 01
  • %st 'st', 'nd', 'rd' or 'th' st
  • %mo month name in full September
  • %m3 month name as three characters Sep
  • %mn month as a number 09
  • %ce century 19
  • %yr year within century 87
  • %wk week of the year, Mon to Sun 52
  • %dn day of the year 364
  • %tz Timezone BST
  • %% insert a %

Numbers appear as fixed-width with leading zeros, so, for example, %mi would give a result such as 06. To remove leading zeros, prefix the code with a z, so, for example, %zmi would give a result such as 6.

Plain text can also be included in the variable string, for example:

%we the %dy%st %m3 %yr

would display in the form:

Wednesday the 21st Jan 95


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