Application Suite: ChangeFSI


The ChangeFSI Image menu

Once an image has been processed it will appear in a desktop window. If you click MENU over this image the Image menu will appear.

The various items on the menu are -

  • Image Info leads to a window which gives information about the output file.
  • Source Info leads to a window which gives information about the source file.
  • Range Info gives you information about the dynamic range of the image.
  • Zoom leads to a small 'Magnifier' window which allows you to change the magnification of the image. Note that this does not change the actual size of the image, just the magnification in which it is viewed so that you can increase the magnification to examine fine detail or decrease it to see the entire image if it is bigger than the screen.
  • Save image leads to a standard Save as window which allows you to save the image as a Sprite or JPEG file depending on whether Sprite Output or JPEG Output was selected on the icon bar menu.
  • Reprocess will process the image again using any options you have changed on the main menu.


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