Application Suite: ChangeFSI


File types accepted by ChangeFSI

ChangeFSI will convert any of the following image formats into the sprite or JPEG format. You can choose the type of RISC OS sprite that is created by setting the Output Options. If no special output mode is chosen, ChangeFSI produces a sprite that is compatible with the current display mode.

Image types and how to recognise them

File nameAcorn filetypeDescription
RISC OS spritesFF9
ArVis 15-bit HIP + LOP spritesFF9file is beneath a HIP directory, and a similar LOP file exists
Watford digitiser pictures, 512x256, 64 greysDFAtriple red, green, blue separations: directory of type DFA files named RED, GREEN and BLUE
ProArtisan compressed picturesDE2640x256, 256 colours
JPEG 'JFIF' filesC85 or 'JFIF' in file
Kodak PhotoCD imagesBE8or file's name ends /PCD
TimeStep satellite images7A0800x800, 256 greys
PC TGA images69Dor file's name ends with TGA or VDA
MTV 24-bit PIC images699or file is beneath a PIC directory
QRT 24-bit RAW images698or file's name is RAW
ZSoft .PCX files697or &0A,&00|02|03|04|05,&01 at start of file, or file is beneath a PCX directory, or file's name ends /PCX
Degas PI1, PI2, PI3 images691
!Translator Clear format files690
CCIR 601 4:2:2 images601
!RayShade 'RGB' images371
TimeStep satellite images 300128x256, 256 greys. Triple red, green, blue separations directory of type 300 files named RED, GREEN and BLUE
Wild Vision Hawk V12006512x512, 256 greys
AIM/Wild Vision Hawk V10004256x256, 256 greys
Wild Vision/Hawk V9004256x256, 24 bit, triple image directory of type 004 files named RED, GREEN and BLUE
Wild Vision Hawk V951x2256, 12-bit colour: 'MercSoft' or 'SnapShot' at start of file
Wild Vision Hawk V9 Mk II16-bit colour: 'MercSof1' at start of file
Pineapple 16 bit per pixel images'FSIfile' at start of file
FITS astronomical format images'SIMPLE ' at start of file
Irlam Instruments YUV 411 files'IRLAM YUV 411' at start of file
Irlam Instruments 24-bit files'Irlam' at start of file
Windows 3 .BMP files'BM' at start of file; or 'RIFF' at start of file, and 'RDIBdata' and 'BM' in file
Compuserve's GIF filesUp to 8 bit per pixel: 'GIF8' at start of file
PIC 8 bit per pixel files'AV_VO' at start of file
Sun 'pixrect' raster files&956AA659 at start of file
GEM .IMG images&08000100 at start of file, or file is beneath an IMG directory, or file's name ends /IMG
Apollo GPR 16-colour image &01000100 at start of file
RIX Softworks ColoRIX 8 bit per pixel files'RIX3' at start of file
TIFF pictures'II*null' or 'MMnull*' at start of file
UNIX rle format files&CC52 at start of file
Portable Bit Map (pbm) binary encoded formats'P4', 'P5' or 'P6' at start of file
ChangeFSI packed portable bitmaps'P15' at start of file
PocketBook I and II PIC format files'PIC' at start of file
Electronic Art's IFF ILBM pictures'FORM' at start of file and 'ILBM' in file
MillipedE Prisma768x576, 8-bit colour images: 'MILLIPEDE' in file
MacPaint files576x720, 1 bit per pixel: 'PNTG' in file
MacPICT2 v2 8 and 24/32 bit per pixel&00,&11,&02,&FF,&0C,&00,&FF,&FE in file
RT 24-bit run length coded IMAGE filesfile is beneath an IMAGE directory
PC EGA .DSP images, 640x350, 16 coloursfile is beneath a DSP directory, or file's name ends /DSP
Kodak RGB images, 24 bits per pixelfile's name ends /RGB

Additional notes

If you get a 'Number too big' error message while trying to display a TIFF file, or 'Division by zero' with an IFF file, then try setting the 'Ignore source pixel size' and/or 'Ignore pixel size' options. Also try setting these options if the proportions of an image (for example from an IMG file) are not what you expect.

There are some JPEG files available which don't conform to the standard convention. Although some of these files are accepted by ChangeFSI, others will not be. If you find this to be the case try setting the file's type to JPEG (C85) before giving it to ChangeFSI.

A couple of hints on memory usage
If you're short on memory, Drag the Next slot (in the Tasks display window) down to 320k. If you're converting wide images (e.g. PhotoCD images up to 3072 pixels wide) increase the Next slot to 500k or more.


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