RISC OS Hardware drivers and updates

Files here are suitable for RISC OS 3.10 or later


This page contains free of charge updates for RISC OS hardware devices from a range of manufacturers including RISCOS.com APDL, Simtec and others.

Software Licence & Disclaimer

The software downloads available here are free of charge and with no guarantee. Please read this disclaimer before downloading any files. 3QD Developments Ltd grants to each person ("User") who downloads software from this server a personal non-transferable non-exclusive limited license to the User to use the software solely for their own purpose on an Acorn computer or emulator running the appropriate version of RISC OS. To read the full licence please click here.

It is a condition of downloading software from this server that you comply with the Software licence conditions. By the act of downloading any item of software you are deemed to have read and accepted both the licence conditions and disclaimer.


Self Extracting SparkFS
All of the downloads from this site are compressed inside archives. You will need a way of decompressing these archives under RISC OS. If you don't already have a suitable de-archiving tool for RISC OS then we recommend using the read only version of SparkFS. Please click here for installation instructions.

Serial Mouse Driver

This driver is needed if you want to use a serial mouse on RISC OS 3.11 or earlier as these versions of RISC OS do not include a suitable driver. Later versions of RISC OS include already include a suitable driver.


APDL IDE interfaces

Updates for APDL IDE interfaces

WARNING: Please note that these updates are all supplied 'as is' and are supplied without any warranty as to suitability or fitness to purpose. We didn't write these updates they were previously available from the 'old' APDL website. As the APDL hardware range is now supplied through RISCOS.com it made sense to move all the product updates here. We will not be able to offer any technical support for these updates and we will not be able to reflash any products for customers.

Installation Guide and User Manual

In case you've lost your printed User Guide an HTML version is available here.

IDE Format

The latest version of the IDEFormat program is 3.53. If you have anything earlier you are strongly advised to download this as it fixes a couple of bugs present in earlier versions with very large drives and supports E+ format for RISC OS 4. It has also been re-structured to simplify initialising single partitions.

ArcIn and Blitz Flash upgrade

These contain the programs to create and program flash images (in case you've lost your Utility disc) with IDEFS v3.28 and IDEFiler v3.21 and ATAPI driver 0.28. IDEFS now has a configurable start-up delay to reduce the wait for people who have drives that respond quickly at switch on.

Although the ideA interface works perfectly when used with RISC OS 4 the drive icons can appear at the wrong height on the iconbar. Put this small program in your Boot.Tasks directory and it will align them correctly.

Problems with CD ROM drives.

Although ATAPI driver 0.28 works with most modern drives it is not as compatible as 0.26, especially with older drives, such as not being detected at startup or errors during transfer of large data blocks. If you have any problems try the appropriate ATAPI driver below. These will only work with APDL interfaces. In each case this is the complete flash image for the appropriate interface with the latest IDEFS software and VProtect.

For users who want to build their own flash images and need the older ATAPI drivers:


Datasafe SparQ drives

This is the Windows driver for the Syquest SparQ drives that we sell.


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